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How we Provide you with an OUTSTANDING Experience!

Company 3-10-17


Spring is a busy season for everyone, or so it seems! It’s definitely a busy season for our team here at Northwest Roof Maintenance. We love working with all of our customers in the Portland/Vancouver area, and look forward to each opportunity we get to serve you! In fact our entire goal as a company is to provide an OUTSTANDING roof maintenance experience every single day. In order to maintain this consistent outstanding experience we have five main values that we follow as a company.


1) REPUTATION   We know that choosing a roofer is a big decision, especially in the pacific northwest where there are roofing companies galore. Your roof is a huge investment and maintaining it is extremely important. We want you to feel confident that when you hire us you are hiring an honest company that will provide you with quality work. Us just telling you that doesn’t mean anything though until we have a shown you we are worth trusting. One way we can show you that reputation before you hire us is by showing you what previous customers say about us! We have over 120 5 star reviews on, as well as multiple positive reviews on Google. In addition to being able to read other homeowners opinions of us, you can also see that we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau – a highly trusted company!

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2) EXPERIENCE   Part of how we gain our positive reputation is by knowing what we are doing! With years upon years of experience, our top technicians and managers haven’t just read the books, they’ve done the job. Even when we hire a new technician, we never send them out to your roof until we are confident that they have been trained and taught by our experienced techs. Odds are, with all of our combined experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to roofing problems. You can rest assured that we aren’t just guessing when it comes to maintaining your roof!


3) EDUCATION  Just because we have experience, doesn’t mean we can’t keep learning! From new products, to new solutions, and everything else, we strive to continually educate ourselves both in our industry and in the industries that influence ours. In addition to constantly learning ourselves, we want to help homeowners and the community learn! We do this through informative blog posts, emails, and phone calls! We also never mind taking the time to help our clients fully understand what we are doing on their roof and answering all of their questions!


4) SYSTEMS    As mentioned above, our goal is to provide an outstanding roof maintenance experience EVERY DAY. This means no matter what situation we are in or how busy we are, we follow systems and procedures that ensure you get that positive experience. All of our technicians are trained on the most effective way to do repairs, so that you know no matter who comes out from our company, you are getting the same level of craftsmanship! 


5) GUARANTEE   Lastly is our guarantee! We want each and every person we serve to walk away feeling like they got what they paid for! This means we honor our warranties, own up to our mistakes AND do what we can to fix them, as well as taking the time to answer your questions and help you fully understand what will be going on with your roof!


Don’t take my word for it though, go check out what our previous customers have to say about us! Feel free to call us with questions – we are happy to help you feel confident in your decisions.


Still unsure? Want to get a feel for our company before you commit? Get an estimate from one of our roofing consultants at NO COST to you. They will come out to take a look at any specific concerns you have regarding your roof as well as give a general inspection of your entire roof to let you know anything they recommend! We are easy to reach by e-mail or phone: 503-740-4808 OR 360-910-8938.


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