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Maintain your cedar shake roof – NWRoof

October 18, 2013

Moss and fungus growth on cedar shake.

Moss and Fungus growth on a cedar shake


Improperly installed shake on a gable end.

Improperly installed shakes on a gable end












Cedar shake is a unique, rustic roofing material that can add character to many homes. A downside to a shake roof is the cost to maintain it properly. If a shake roof is installed correctly and maintained regularly, however, it can last as long or longer than a standard composition roof. In fact, properly maintained heavy shake roofs can last 40 years and possibly more.

We have started to shy away from power washing shake roofs, since it is debatable whether the impact of a power wash is more harmful than any benefit from the wash. We now recommend removing debris and moss; replacing rotten, worn or damaged shakes; and applying a preservative treatment that inhibits moss, mildew, algae and fungal growth, and reduces UV damage. Leaving debris on a shake roof for any period of time is a death sentence for the roof, because fungus will grow into the shakes and deteriorate the cedar material. Call us for a free inspection and a free estimate on maintaining your cedar shake roof.

In the past few months, we inspected two heavy shake roofs that had been ignored for too long. (See the picture of one of these roofs, above left.)

Several weeks ago, we came across a shake roof over a patio/front door cover that looked odd, because it was improperly installed. These kinds of installation errors compromise roof integrity. (See picture, above right.)