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Archive for March, 2014

The difficulty with low-slope roofs

March 27, 2014

Low slope roofs add a different challenge to the roofing profession. Many homes feature additions, dormers, or sections with low-slope roofs. In practical fact, a low-slope roof is any pitch lower than a 3/12 (3 inches vertical for every 12 inches horizontal). These roofs cannot be covered by the usual materials (composition shingle, tile, cedar shake, etc.) because water can get underneath the material easily greatly increasing the potential for leaks. We performed a repair on a poorly installed low slope dormer roof recently that had not been secured down properly.  There were ripples and small ponds forming and the wind pulled about half of the roof away from the plywood decking beneath, we removed the old material, built up one side slightly, installed new flashing and closely matched shingles. The roof has been restored to a leak free condition for a long time to come!