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Do you know what is in your attic? You may have a moldy intruder and not even know it!

May 20, 2015

Do you have mold in your attic?

Most leaks don’t show themselves for weeks after they have developed. A small leak can do incredible damage if given the time. Molding insulation and rotten rafters are just a couple of the problems you may encounter if you don’t catch a leak early on. Since water usually has to soak into and through insulation before you can see it on your ceiling or walls, having your attic inspected a few times during and after the rainy season can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in repairs.
Another concern that may be discovered in an attic inspection is mildew and black mold built up from inadequate ventilation of the attic space. This is often caused by improper installation of ducting from bathroom fans, kitchen hood vents, and clothes dryer exhaust. All of these ducts carry large amounts of moisture from inside your house to the outside air. If a duct becomes dislodged or was not installed properly in the first place, all that warm, moist air gets pumped into your attic space, creating a perfect environment for molds and mildews to grow. Over time, these organisms can spread into your drywall, releasing spores into the air inside your home. Aside from the repair costs, this condition can seriously affect the health of your family.

If you would like us to look for any of these signs, call us at 503-740-4808 or 360-910-8938 and ask for a FREE Attic Inspection! We’ll come out and thoroughly inspect your attic for any signs of mold, mildew and rot and let you know what condition your attic space is in. If we find any problems, we will describe them clearly and show you pictures taken of the actual issue inside your attic. We will then recommend solutions that we feel will save you the most money while returning your home to its original condition.
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