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Prevent Worry with Preventative Maintenance

August 18, 2015

America has become a culture that’s always moving. We live fast-paced, constantly looking for the next big thing or the next step. We are told not to let anything stop us, and from that we develop the mentality to not let anything even slow us down. Examples of this is how we don’t take the time to go to the doctor until we experience illness. Or how we don’t take our car in to the shop until it doesn’t drive right. While this fast paced, don’t stop unless necessary, life style seems normal and makes us feel productive, imagine how much time and money you could save if you took care of things BEFORE they were a problem. If you took vitamins before you were sick to help prevent getting sick at all. If you took an hour at the shop every few months to prevent being without a car for long periods of time when it dies on you.


This is true for your roof as well. Too often we assume our roof is fine, or at least good enough, until it completely fails. We ignore moss build up or we think that since the roof isn’t leaking those missing shingles must not be important. We shrug off the worn and curling shakes or the cracked and broken tiles, saying we’ll wait to pay until there’s an actual problem. There IS an actual problem though, this mindset. While not paying for preventative maintenance may save some money in the moment, it can cause larger problems that build up and can cost you thousands in the future. Problems that could have been prevented had the roof been taken care of.


Sometimes the problem doesn’t lie in a lack of desire, but rather a lack of knowing. Maybe you don’t know how to tell what needs to be done, or even what can be done. There are a couple things that you can look for, such as missing, curling, or lifting shingles, moss growth, or rusting and staining behind your gutters. If you are noticing these, or any other signs of wear and tear there is a good chance you need some maintenance done. Even with knowing some things to look for, it’s hard to be certain you aren’t missing anything. That’s where a professional roofer can help. At Northwest Roof maintenancewe want to help you stay on top of your roof repairs. If you are noticing things that need maintenance or repair we will come give you a free estimate* for the problem AND check out the rest of the roof for any further needed maintenance. Call us at 503-740-4808 OR 360-910-8938


So don’t get caught up in the “I’ll worry about it later” attitude, rather, prevent the need for worrying! As Keith Elder said “Nothing prevents maintenance like preventative maintenance”.


*Estimates are free if there is a known problem or need. For a general inspection of a roof without any known problems or for a roof certification inspection there is a $130 inspection fee.

Dangers of Water on a Tile Roof

August 7, 2015

Tile roofs can add beauty to a home! Have you ever wondered, though, what’s happening underneath your tiles? Here in the Northwest we are well acquainted with rain, and when rain water gets underneath tiles, whether from an angled downpour or a broken tile, what can happen isn’t so pretty.  Ponding occurs when water pools against the wood, causing rotting and water staining, which in turn can cause structural damage to the roof. Ponding is caused by the deterioration of the felt underlayment. This felt is put in place to direct water away from the wood, but is not made to withstand large amounts of water. Eventually, the felt gives way, allowing water access to the wood.


Thankfully ponding is preventable!  Anti-ponding boards and anti-ponding foam can be installed underneath the bottom most tiles on your roof, laying behind and against the gutters. These replace the felt, not only by directing water away from the wood, but also by providing a barrier in front of the wood. While the felt will give way over time, the anti-ponding materials are made to hold up against long term standing water. You may be asking “Why weren’t anti-ponding materials installed in the first place”. In order to cut costs, many roofers don’t use anti-ponding material when installing a new roof, but rather choose to go with the short term solution of felt. Many older roofs also don’t have anti-ponding materials due to a lack of recognition of the problem until recently, and lack of available options when they were built. Whatever the specific reasoning may be, without Anti-ponding materials, your roof may be at risk for long term damage. Here at Northwest Roof Maintenance, Inc. we want to help you avoid this risk!


How do you know if you need anti-ponding materials installed? Chances are if you are noticing water stains or rotting near the edges of your roof or behind your gutters, or you have an older tile roof, you may need Anti-Ponding. Don’t stress trying to figure it out though, we can help!Give us a call at 360-910-8938 or 503-740-4808 and we will come out and give you a free consultation and estimate. 


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