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Fall – Friend or Foe?

September 18, 2015

Fall is here! Turning leaves, colder temperatures, yummy food, and the promise of the Holidays to come! For most people fall is time of happy memories, seeing family, and fun activities. However fall also brings with it the rain, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. With the rain, comes the chance of your roof leaking, and whether it’s a pre-existing leak or a new one, it can ruin your fall.

But it doesn’t have to! Getting a leak taken care of as soon as you notice it is recommended to prevent further damage and repair costs. You can also take care of problems that could cause future leaks! Nothing prevents maintenance like preventative maintenance! Being aware of what should be going on with your roof is the number one way to quickly and accurately catch when something is wrong. Here are a couple things you can look out for to help catch leaks BEFORE they ruin grandma’s antique rocker.

  • ANYTHING puncturing the roof. Whether it’s a tree limb the size of Bigfoot’s leg hanging out in the middle of your living room, or an extra-long nail peeping through in the attic, if it’s through your roof and it’s not supposed to be IT CAN, and probably will, CAUSE LEAKING.
  • Things that are supposed to be through the roof! Even chimneys, skylights, satellite dishes, etc… can cause leaks if they aren’t properly flashed and sealed.
  • Seams! Dormers, additions, Roof-to-wall transitions, and anywhere lower quality sealant has been used are all areas where, if not properly flashed or sealed, water can make its way under the shingles and into your home.
  • The Attic. The area of the home you probably spend the least time in. Yet this could be your first place to catch leaks! A few specific things to be on the lookout for are mold, soaked insulation when it hasn’t rained, rust near nails, and clogged vents. All of these are indicators of unwanted moisture. Whether it’s from a leak, or insufficient ventilation, it needs to be taken care of!

So what now? Maybe you aren’t even sure how to inspect these things. Or you’ve noticed something wrong and want to prevent a leak. This is when you call a professional. At Northwest Roof Maintenance, Inc. We will inspect any area you have concern about and help diagnose the cause of an existing leak, or prevent future leaks from happening with preventative care. Our trained consultants will provide you with a free estimate for the work needed to help keep your fall care, and leak, free!

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