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Gutter Guards – Helpful or Hurting?

April 28, 2016


Making decisions, even small ones, can be hard, but making a decision that will majorly affect your life, home, family, or wallet can be downright frustrating. As a homeowner you may find yourself faced with many more decisions than you anticipated. You may also find yourself inundated with “advice” or suggestions on how to make these decisions. Sometimes this advice is from well-meaning friends or family who have been there before, and sometimes it comes from companies and manufacturers trying to sell you their products under the guise of having your best interest in mind.

5955One decision homeowners have to make that we come across as a roof maintenance company is gutter guards. There are many different options when it comes to gutter protection: gutter screens, gutter covers, gutter foam, bottle brush gutter guards, nylon gutter guards, gutter mesh, etc… Each of these types will boast about why they are the option you should choose, how they will make it so you “never have to clean your gutters again”, or how they “save you the hassle” that comes with gutter cleaning. While different ones have their perks, unfortunately many homeowners find that they won’t live up to their expectations and eventually they do have to clean their gutters. What makes it worse is when they do go to clean their gutters, they are faced with MORE hassle BECAUSE of the gutter “protection”. Whether from having to unscrew all of the gutter covers or from severe clogs that have caused leaks in the gutter seams. There is almost no fool proof gutter guard. The good news is that just because there might not be a product that will keep your gutters from ever needing to be cleaned again, there are products that can prolong the time between cleanings. Products that won’t damage your gutters when that cleaning does need to happen, like gutter foam, that is easily inserted and removed for cleaning when needed. There’s also a chance your best option might be NO gutter guard.

Like most things when it comes to a home, the best option for you may vary from the best option for someone else. So here we are, back to the decision making and the not so helpful advice, right? Wrong. Just because what worked for your uncle might not be what you need, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get help in making your decision. Sometimes the efficiency of gutter protection varies on location, do you live where there is a lot snow, or where there are heavy rains? Even location of your specific house. Do you have a lot of trees surrounding your roof? Pine needles falling heavily in the fall? Having a roofing professional look at your roof and your gutters can be a huge step in making the right decision for you.They can discuss with you the best option for YOU, not the best option for so-and-so down the street. In some cases the best option might be no gutter protection, but more regular roof cleaning. Who knows, without knowing your roof, your situation, your needs, no one really knows. My recommendation to you? Do your research, don’t just listen to the nationwide television ad. Don’t just go with the one that has the most flashy “promises”. Research what your roof situation needs, and if you want help give us, at Northwest Roof Maintenance, a call! We can have a consultant out to take a look at your roof, get to know your needs, and make a specific recommendation for roof and gutter cleaning options.

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