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Knowing is Helpful!

July 29, 2016



Xenophobia is defined as a fear of the unknown. This is a fear that is at the root of many other fears. Agoraphobics (people who fear the outdoors) will often say that the reason they are afraid is because they don’t know what is out there. Someone who is afraid of commitment may 1really be afraid of a committing to something or someone when they don’t know if there is something better out there. Someone afraid of swimming in a deep lake may actually be afraid because they don’t know what creatures could be swimming there. Or maybe someone is hesitant to get roof work done because they don’t know what to expect. We might not be able to help you feel confident swimming in a lake, but we can help ease any fears you have about what to expect when you call us for a free estimate.


There are many different ways you can initially contact Northwest Roof Maintenance, phone call, e-mail, third party websites like HomeAdvisor, an estimate request form on our website, etc.. No matter what method you use, one of our friendly and professional office staff will be your first contact. They’ll gather the information needed to contact you again, and then get some information about your roof. Once this information is gathered they will set up a time to have one of our consultants out to take a look at your roof.


Our roof consultants have experience inspecting and accurately diagnosing a variety of roof types, pitches, problems, etc.. They will always come physically inspect your roof in order to accurately assess what your roof needs. Their goal is to best help you determine what will be best for your specific roof and they will never try to push something you don’t want or don’t need. If you have a leak or attic issues we will ensure you are home so our consultant can get inside. But if all the work is exterior we make it easy on you and can do the inspection without you home so you don’t have to rearrange your schedule! Once they have inspected the roof they will send you a written version of the estimate via email (or if your prefer hard copy in the mail). This is to ensure that there is no miscommunication that can happen with verbal estimates. If at this point you have any questions or concerns, you can easily reach the consultant who looked at your roof via phone or e-mail!


Once you’ve had any questions answered and had a chance to make a decision, if you want to get the work scheduled you just let us know! We will let you know how far out we are and then you can just sit back. We will keep an eye on the weather, find an optimal day to get your work done, and then we will call you to confirm that date works for you! Plus we will confirm t


Then comes the work itself. On the day agreed upon you can expect one of our crews to arrive ready to get to it! They’ll let you know they are there, will perform the work efficiently and professionally, and then let you know when they have finished. If at any point the crew determines additional work is necessary due we will ALWAYS check with you before doing something that will change the estimate amount. Once the work is complete the crew will provide you with a copy of the invoice. We want payment to be easy for you, so we accept either check or any major credit card!


The next business day you will get one more call from our office, following up to make sure that you are satisfied with the work done. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we want to give you the chance to provide feedback or ask questions! If for any reason there are issues with the work done, we will work with you to get things resolved quickly! At this point you are left with a roof that is better than it was before!


So there you have it, the simple outline of our process from first contact to final product! Of course different situations will call for slight variations in this, but roughly, you are now ready to call us for your free (and xenophobia free) estimate! Contact us at 503-740-4808, 360-910-8938, OR !

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Q and A’s About Your Roof

July 13, 2016


LogoWe all have questions about our roofs, and let’s be honest, roofs aren’t exactly straight forward. They can be a variety of materials, shapes, pitches, sizes, etc. They can leak, sag, warp, etc… There is no end to the things that can happen on a roof and no end to the things you can learn about roofs. From how different weather affects roofing materials to various types of repairs and maintenance needed and so much more, we could write endless blogs and still not cover every detail or answer every single question. That doesn’t mean we can’t answer some common questions though. Below we’ve compiled a few commonly asked questions regarding your roof!


Q: How often should I have maintenance or repair done on my roof?

A: There is no straightforward answer for this question, no one size fits all. The need for maintenance inspections is going to vary on different factors that affect your roof. If your roof is heavily shaded you will probably need it inspected/treated for moss more often. Whereas, if your roof is in a heavy sun setting, moss won’t be as big of an issue. If there are bad wind storms one year you might need an inspection for wind damage versus a year with mild weather. The best thing to do is keep an eye on your roof. If you notice moss growth, missing shingles, warped areas, or anything else indicating a need for work, call a roofing professional to come take a look! So be flexible, pay attention to the different factors, and ask a professional for advice on your specific roof.


Q: I’ve heard it’s bad to pressure wash my roof, is this true?

A: It depends on what type of roof you have. If you have a Cedar Shake or Tile roof in good condition, it is most likely completely fine to pressure wash your roof! A roofing professional can let you know for sure by checking how brittle your roofing material is.
If you have an asphalt shingle roof, then you should never pressure wash your roof! Some companies will push pressure washing as a “thorough cleaning”. While it may remove more moss than just brushing or treating, it will also remove granules from your shingles, shortening the life of the roof. This can also potentially cause leaks!


Q: I had my roof treated, and now there is a white powdery substance on my roof, is this normal?

A: Yes, If the treatment being used is Zinc based, this white powder is just a zinc build up. It won’t damage your roof, and will wash away the next time it rains. The zinc is what kills moss and prevents future growth. So having a large ratio in the treatment is actually a good thing!


Q: If my roof is leaking do I need to have it replaced?

A: Don’t panic, a leak does not automatically mean you need to replace your roof. A small leak can be an indicator of a underlying problem with your roof, though more often than not a leak is localized and can be taken care of with a patch job. The best way to know for sure is to have a roofing professional inspect the area. They should look at three areas: the interior where the leak is appearing, the attic (if possible) to see if the leak is appearing at the intrusion point or if it’s traveling, and the exterior of the roof to determine how large of a patch is needed.


Q: How do I know which roofing contractor to choose?

A: It’s going to come down to who do you trust on your roof. Before you choose any contractor make sure to get a detailed bid from them. This ensures that you know what you are paying for, since it’s never fun to get blindsided. Trust your gut! If you get a weird feeling about a company don’t just dismiss it because they are the low bid. A lower price shouldn’t be your only factor, since often times (though not always) a price that is way below the competitions price will mean sacrificed quality or service. Always with choosing a contractor feel free to ask questions. A company that knows what they are doing should always be able and willing to help you understand what’s going on.

Have a roof related question that we didn’t answer here? Feel free to e-mail us any and all questions at