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A Poem for your Roof

September 19, 2016


Whether you live in Portland, Vancouver, or Timbuktu, your roof does a lot for you. It keeps pouring rain off your head while you sleep and it provides you shelter from the heat of the sun. So often it’s easy to forget about our roof until there is a problem. Most of the time when I hear people talking about their roof it’s negative. “My roof is leaking” “My roof always needs work” “My roof just causes problems with my budget”. It’s easy to think of all the ways a roof can fail, but here is a short poem reminding us to take a moment and be thankful for all those moments the roof doesn’t fail!


“Over, under, and over again

An impenetrable army hand in hand

Holding fast against the storm

Sleet and snow, they solidly stand.

Rain, it pitter-patters down

They do not attempt to flee.

Cold and heat beat at their backs

But still they watch over me.

This army of tile, shingle, shake

May fail, it’s not foolproof.

But I for one am thankful for

This thing we call a roof.”

For those times when the roof does fail and that “army” of shingles, tiles, or shakes needs a little TLC we are here to help you! You can contact Northwest Roof Maintenance, Inc. at 503-740-4808 OR 360-910-8938. We can also be reached via e-mail at . No matter what your roof needs, leak repair, moss removal, moss treatment, wind damage repair, etc… we can provide you with a free estimate for what it will take to get your roof back to gold standard! For all your roof does for you, don’t forget to take care of it! img95201609169510443327895hdr

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