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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Clean Your Own Roof

March 23, 2017

Roof Cleaning

Many homeowners love DIY projects around the house. From painting to yard work, it can be fun and rewarding to do home maintenance projects. There is certainly plenty of home maintenance work that can be handled without calling a professional. However, roof cleaning is not one of them.

Especially in Portland, Vancouver, and the Pacific Northwest, regular roof cleaning is critical to remove moss and other weather-related issues. Roof cleaning prevents decay and other costly damages to your property. It also extends the lifespan of your roof, protecting an important asset to your home.

While technically you can clean your own roof, it’s not recommended. From personal injury to property damage, there are plenty of compelling reasons to leave roof cleaning to the professionals. Before you go grab your ladder and head out on the roof, consider why cleaning your own roof might not be a great idea.

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Clean Your Own Roof


Let’s get real. Roof cleaning is dangerous. You may not think your roof is too high or too slanted, but you may change your tune once you’re up there. Falls from roofs account for more than one-third of fall-related construction fatalities, and these are experienced professionals.

Falls happen for all kinds of reasons. One second of lost balance can lead to a whole world of trouble. All kinds of unforeseen events can cause a fall including early morning dew, brief summer showers, a sudden gust of winds, faulty equipment, or even a pesky insect. No matter how confident you are in your abilities, anyone can be a fall victim.

Plus, even if you don’t fall, there are all kinds of way you can hurt yourself cleaning your roof. It’s pretty easy to twist your ankle, strain your back, or suffer all sorts of cuts and bruises.


Despite what you may think, you might not be alone on your roof. Insects like wasps, hornets, and bees may have built nests in the area, especially in places that are difficult to see. Insect nests can be located on your roof, in your chimney, or in nearby trees.

If you clean your roof yourself, you risk running into these tiny creatures when you’re already in a vulnerable position. A swarm of wasps or hornets is the last thing you want to deal with while you’re trying to keep your balance. Not only are you susceptible to painful stings (hope you’re not allergic!), but you’re also more likely to fall.



Experience & Expertise

How many times have you cleaned a roof in your life? For the average homeowner, the answer is not many. For the experienced roofing professional, the answer is a ton! With that much experience and hands-on training comes a level of expertise that only professionals can reach.

Here are a few things a roofing professional can spot in a second, but the average homeowner might miss:

  • A potential weak spot
  • A leak or potential leak
  • Areas in need of repair
  • Signs the roof needs replacement

Not all roof damage is visible to the untrained eye. By attempting to clean your roof yourself, you risk missing key signs of damage that could escalate into larger problems. Plus, if you do find an issue, how will you know if you’ve fixed it or made it worse?

Improper handling of roof issues can lead to more serious problems down the road. It takes experience and expertise to even know what to look for, let alone how to treat problems. Simply put, roof cleaning is just not a recommended DIY project.

Cost Effective

DIY enthusiasts will argue that hiring roof cleaning professionals is a “waste of money.” However, cleaning your own roof is not necessarily a way to save money. If you clean your roof yourself, you will still have to purchase tools and supplies. Plus, actually doing the work will take you longer because you are not a trained and experienced professional. And in the end, despite your best efforts, your roof still may not be adequately cleaned.

Consider the costs of not getting a proper roof cleaning. The cost to repair roof damage or even replace your roof is considerably higher than a routine cleaning. You’re simply making a small investment in your property that will pay off over time. Especially if your roof cleaning provider, like Northwest Roof Maintenance, offers preventative treatments to keep your roof in good shape for longer.

Time Is Valuable

Cleaning a roof is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Do you really want to spend your summer weekends up on your roof? Probably not. Your time is valuable. That’s just another reason why you should leave roof cleaning to the professionals, so you can spend your time doing things you love.

Also, cleaning a roof isn’t really that fun. The staff at Northwest Roof Maintenance loves it, but we don’t expect the average homeowner to share our passion. So go out and enjoy your weekend with your friends and family. Come back to a clean roof!

roof maintenance


Ready To Call In The Professionals?

Owning a home is a big responsibility. Some home maintenance tasks you can easily do yourself, while others are best left to professionals. Take roof cleaning off your to-do list by contacting a professional roof cleaning company.

Of course, you shouldn’t just hire anybody to clean your roof. Make sure you work with experienced, well-trained professionals like the staff at Northwest Roof Maintenance. We help homeowners in the Portland-Vancouver area with roof cleaning, repair, moss cleaning, and preventative treatments.

Our friendly, expert consultants will take a look at your roof and recommend only the services we know will benefit you and your property. Contact us online or give us a call today at 503-740-4808 (Portland) or 360-558-3274 (Vancouver).

Q and A’s About Your Roof

July 13, 2016


LogoWe all have questions about our roofs, and let’s be honest, roofs aren’t exactly straight forward. They can be a variety of materials, shapes, pitches, sizes, etc. They can leak, sag, warp, etc… There is no end to the things that can happen on a roof and no end to the things you can learn about roofs. From how different weather affects roofing materials to various types of repairs and maintenance needed and so much more, we could write endless blogs and still not cover every detail or answer every single question. That doesn’t mean we can’t answer some common questions though. Below we’ve compiled a few commonly asked questions regarding your roof!


Q: How often should I have maintenance or repair done on my roof?

A: There is no straightforward answer for this question, no one size fits all. The need for maintenance inspections is going to vary on different factors that affect your roof. If your roof is heavily shaded you will probably need it inspected/treated for moss more often. Whereas, if your roof is in a heavy sun setting, moss won’t be as big of an issue. If there are bad wind storms one year you might need an inspection for wind damage versus a year with mild weather. The best thing to do is keep an eye on your roof. If you notice moss growth, missing shingles, warped areas, or anything else indicating a need for work, call a roofing professional to come take a look! So be flexible, pay attention to the different factors, and ask a professional for advice on your specific roof.


Q: I’ve heard it’s bad to pressure wash my roof, is this true?

A: It depends on what type of roof you have. If you have a Cedar Shake or Tile roof in good condition, it is most likely completely fine to pressure wash your roof! A roofing professional can let you know for sure by checking how brittle your roofing material is.
If you have an asphalt shingle roof, then you should never pressure wash your roof! Some companies will push pressure washing as a “thorough cleaning”. While it may remove more moss than just brushing or treating, it will also remove granules from your shingles, shortening the life of the roof. This can also potentially cause leaks!


Q: I had my roof treated, and now there is a white powdery substance on my roof, is this normal?

A: Yes, If the treatment being used is Zinc based, this white powder is just a zinc build up. It won’t damage your roof, and will wash away the next time it rains. The zinc is what kills moss and prevents future growth. So having a large ratio in the treatment is actually a good thing!


Q: If my roof is leaking do I need to have it replaced?

A: Don’t panic, a leak does not automatically mean you need to replace your roof. A small leak can be an indicator of a underlying problem with your roof, though more often than not a leak is localized and can be taken care of with a patch job. The best way to know for sure is to have a roofing professional inspect the area. They should look at three areas: the interior where the leak is appearing, the attic (if possible) to see if the leak is appearing at the intrusion point or if it’s traveling, and the exterior of the roof to determine how large of a patch is needed.


Q: How do I know which roofing contractor to choose?

A: It’s going to come down to who do you trust on your roof. Before you choose any contractor make sure to get a detailed bid from them. This ensures that you know what you are paying for, since it’s never fun to get blindsided. Trust your gut! If you get a weird feeling about a company don’t just dismiss it because they are the low bid. A lower price shouldn’t be your only factor, since often times (though not always) a price that is way below the competitions price will mean sacrificed quality or service. Always with choosing a contractor feel free to ask questions. A company that knows what they are doing should always be able and willing to help you understand what’s going on.

Have a roof related question that we didn’t answer here? Feel free to e-mail us any and all questions at