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6 (more) Things to do Before Summer Ends

August 18, 2017

It’s almost time for school to start back up, much to the woe of our children. While for many parents this can mean a welcome break from having to entertain the kids 24/7 or pay for childcare, it can still be hard to let go of the freedom of summer weather and outdoor activities. Earlier this summer we shared 6 fun outdoor activities in the Portland/Vancouver area. Today we want to share 6 more! Just because school is starting doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Take advantage of the afternoons and weekends and check off our end of summer activity list!


Take a segway tour! That’s right, I said Segway! Along both the Vancouver and Portland sides of the waterfront you will find opportunities to take guided segway tours. These can be both fun and educational! Make sure to check times and age restrictions as these vary and are set by the specific company!



Oneonta Gorge! This popular hike is a must do at least once in your life. When is a better time than now! While it’s short, it does require climbing over a pile of fallen logs and wading through water. This unique experience brings you out to a gorgeous waterfall! We wouldn’t suggest doing it with extremely young children as the logs may prove tricky especially when wet, but if your family is capable and up for an adventure we would highly encourage you to try it out! Just be prepared for a crowd if you go on the weekend!

Kayak! There are multiple kayak rental companies based out of Portland that allow you to get out on the water in a new and fun way! You can choose a guided tour or just renting and going out on your own (dependent on who you rent from). If you have never kayaked before, no sweat, this sport allows you to be as intense or relaxed as you want to be. This is definitely a must try activity before the weather gets rainy!





Hood River Fruit Loop! This is as tasty as it sounds! The fruit loop is a “loop” you can drive to visit multiple farms and produce stands to get delicious fresh fruit. While you will need to drive as they are not all close enough to walk, it still provides you ample opportunities to get out of the car and enjoy what nature has to offer (food!). Plus, the drive itself is in a gorgeous area that makes even sitting in the car enjoyable.




Mini Golf. Okay, I know, this is a pretty well known activity, nothing new. But let’s be honest, it’s way more fun to do when the weather is nice and warm than when it’s cold and rainy! In addition, this is a great evening activity for after school or after work. There are multiple outdoor mini golf courses in the Portland/Vancouver area, all you have to do is decide which one you want to try! The whole family will enjoy some lighthearted competition and good old classic fun!




Oktoberfest! This is a personal favorite for so many reasons. There are multiple Oktoberfests in the area, from Mount Angel to Oaks Park and others! All of them boast delicious food, fun family activities, and an awesome atmosphere. If you are over 21, Oktoberfests are also known for their awesome beer selections! Whether you go for a couple hours or a whole weekend, this is bound to be an experience the whole family remembers and enjoys! Check the schedules, between the various different ones being put on, there looks to be an Oktoberfest almost every weekend of September!


There it is, our 6 end of summer activities we suggest trying before the weather turns sour!

How we Provide you with an OUTSTANDING Experience!

April 24, 2017

Company 3-10-17


Spring is a busy season for everyone, or so it seems! It’s definitely a busy season for our team here at Northwest Roof Maintenance. We love working with all of our customers in the Portland/Vancouver area, and look forward to each opportunity we get to serve you! In fact our entire goal as a company is to provide an OUTSTANDING roof maintenance experience every single day. In order to maintain this consistent outstanding experience we have five main values that we follow as a company.


1) REPUTATION   We know that choosing a roofer is a big decision, especially in the pacific northwest where there are roofing companies galore. Your roof is a huge investment and maintaining it is extremely important. We want you to feel confident that when you hire us you are hiring an honest company that will provide you with quality work. Us just telling you that doesn’t mean anything though until we have a shown you we are worth trusting. One way we can show you that reputation before you hire us is by showing you what previous customers say about us! We have over 120 5 star reviews on, as well as multiple positive reviews on Google. In addition to being able to read other homeowners opinions of us, you can also see that we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau – a highly trusted company!

Accredited Business Seal in Black 5star-HA





2) EXPERIENCE   Part of how we gain our positive reputation is by knowing what we are doing! With years upon years of experience, our top technicians and managers haven’t just read the books, they’ve done the job. Even when we hire a new technician, we never send them out to your roof until we are confident that they have been trained and taught by our experienced techs. Odds are, with all of our combined experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to roofing problems. You can rest assured that we aren’t just guessing when it comes to maintaining your roof!


3) EDUCATION  Just because we have experience, doesn’t mean we can’t keep learning! From new products, to new solutions, and everything else, we strive to continually educate ourselves both in our industry and in the industries that influence ours. In addition to constantly learning ourselves, we want to help homeowners and the community learn! We do this through informative blog posts, emails, and phone calls! We also never mind taking the time to help our clients fully understand what we are doing on their roof and answering all of their questions!


4) SYSTEMS    As mentioned above, our goal is to provide an outstanding roof maintenance experience EVERY DAY. This means no matter what situation we are in or how busy we are, we follow systems and procedures that ensure you get that positive experience. All of our technicians are trained on the most effective way to do repairs, so that you know no matter who comes out from our company, you are getting the same level of craftsmanship! 


5) GUARANTEE   Lastly is our guarantee! We want each and every person we serve to walk away feeling like they got what they paid for! This means we honor our warranties, own up to our mistakes AND do what we can to fix them, as well as taking the time to answer your questions and help you fully understand what will be going on with your roof!


Don’t take my word for it though, go check out what our previous customers have to say about us! Feel free to call us with questions – we are happy to help you feel confident in your decisions.


Still unsure? Want to get a feel for our company before you commit? Get an estimate from one of our roofing consultants at NO COST to you. They will come out to take a look at any specific concerns you have regarding your roof as well as give a general inspection of your entire roof to let you know anything they recommend! We are easy to reach by e-mail or phone: 503-740-4808 OR 360-910-8938.


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Simple Ways to Save Money

February 22, 2017

Everyone wants to believe that bad things can’t happen to them, that unexpected expense won’t happen to them. A survey done by showed that almost 80% of Americans kept a budget, yet only about %40 of Americans would actually be able to pay for an unexpected expense, such as a roof leak. While part of this is likely due to having necessities that this money goes to, there is also a large psychological aspect of us not wanting to admit that those unexpected emergencies could happen to us! One of the best things you could do for yourself financially is to plan ahead, and below are some simple ways to help!


  1. The spare change trick – this one is pretty straight forward!Spare Change While pennies and dimes don’t seem like much when they are in your pocket, they add up. The trick to seeing them add up is making it doable
    • Keep a large container. Many people often choose a cup or jar, this is a great start! Psychologically, however, choosing a larger container will provide you with a more long term mindset.
    • Make the container clear. Choosing to put your change into something you can see will give you motivation. Much like checking an item off a checklist releases endorphins into your body, watching your stash of change grow will give you continual encouragement to keep it up! If you can’t see it, it’s easy to convince yourself it’s not worth it.
    • Keep it accessible. Put the container somewhere you can easily drop your change into without having to go out of your way. Whether it’s in the closet by the front door or under your bed, figure out a place that cause no extra effort to you!
    • Keep it inaccessible. Hear me out, while you want the container itself to be accessible, you want the change to be inaccessible. Choose a water jug you can’t fit your hand it, or a piggy bank with no bottom opening. The harder it is for you to get the change out, the easier it will be to resist the temptation to pull it out unless it’s needed.

2. Put down the coffee cup – this is one you have probably heard many times before. CoffeeSeriously though, think about it. A recent survey shows that the average american spends $1,092 a year on coffee. That’s the average, which means for every person who doesn’t spend that much, there is probably someone who spends much more! In addition to this cost of coffee, there is a cost of gas and time spent going to get the coffee. As with the spare change, the trick is to make it doable.

    • If you rely on coffee to get going in the morning, don’t try to go cold turkey. Dropping it like a hot potato will only encourage cravings and caving in. Try making some of your coffee at home instead of picking it up. The average cup of coffee in store is $4-7, where as at home the average cost is only $.5-1.50.
    • Plan to treat yourself. Whether you set a specific amount of times a week, or certain amount of money, don’t completely cut yourself off from your specialty coffees. Make a plan to treat yourself still.
    • Actually save the money. It’s great to save money with coffee, but if you just spend it on the next luxury, are you actually saving money? Consciously take note of every time you forego a coffee you would normally get, then take that saved cost and intentionally put it into a savings fund, change jar, etc!

      download3. Shopping lists! While there is always the occasional thing we forget, most things we buy that aren’t on our grocery list aren’t necessities.

    • Make a list and stick to it. Give yourself time before you go shopping to think of everything you need. Don’t just do this for grocery shopping, but for clothes, shoes, for fun stuff. The more you consciously pre-plan what you are going to buy, the less you will just splurge in the moment.
    • If it’s not on the list give it 30 days. Now I’m not talking an extra tomato, I’m talking any item $10 or more. If you have the money for it, but it’s not a necessity, wait. Set a timer for yourself to be reminded at the 30 day mark and set the money aside. If at that time you are still thinking about it and can afford it, get it. If, however, at the 30 day mark you’ve forgotten about the item or don’t want it anymore put that money into your savings/rainy day fund!

These are just a few ways to simply save some money, but every little bit helps! Stay tuned, we’ll post more money saving ideas in a future blog!

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Two Layers is too Many

January 24, 2017

asphalt-shingle-multiple-layersNot many people would argue with the idea that quality trumps quantity. Most roofers would agree that adding a second layer to your roof is NOT a good idea and cuts back on the quality of the roof. Yet we still run into homes with 2 or more layers on a fairly frequent basis. Why is this?

Unfortunately, many homeowners opt for adding a second layer of roofing because the immediate cost is much less than completely tearing off and replacing the existing roofing. What they don’t see, however, is the long term cost. While it may seem that two layers of roofing equals twice the protection, this is in no way true. Quantity does not equal quality. Here’s why:


A) Foregoing the cost of tearing off the old shingles means that you are also foregoing a chance to inspect the underlying materials. While shingles are the part of the roof we think about the most, a roof is not just made of shingles. Decking, underlayment, flashing, etc…all lie below the shingles and are just as important. When you fail to remove the shingles and inspect these materials when installing a new roof, you miss the opportunity to catch weak points. These weak points include rotting plywood, tears in the underlayment, or rusted flashing. All of which can cause unexpected, and costly damage. The longer they go unrepaired, the high the chance they will develop into leaks, cave ins or mold.

B) By adding a second layer it means that when leaks, soft spots, or other damage do occur, repair professionals have a difficult time finding and assessing what needs to be done. Part of the problem is that if water penetrates the first layer of roofing it may travel some distance before penetrating the second layer of roofing. So a leak in your living room may be originating at a weak point above your bedroom, but with a second layer it can be difficult to determine this. This difficulty in assessing needed repairs often means that either the company doing the repair will be unable to provide a warranty, or that your insurance will be unable to cover it. So if the original repair solves the area of the leak, but not the area of penetration, you may end up paying for multiple repairs out of pocket.

C) The third reason NOT to add a second lay is the weight factor. Roofs are only capable of holding so much weight, and adding a second layer of roofing materials pushes it that much closer to its threshold. While on an average day two layers of roofing may not be enough to cause your roof to collapse, in the event of heavy ice, snow, or debris, the extra weight of the second layer could very well be enough that you find yourself faced with a caved in roof. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will not cover this since they can put the blame on the extra weight and not on the elements themselves.

Multiple layers of roofingD) Finally, something to consider is sell ability. A time may come when you want to or need to sell your home. Per the reasons above, and more, a second layer of roofing materials is not a selling point to someone looking to purchase your home. In fact, depending on the building codes in your area, while you may be allowed to add a second layer per code while you own the home, you may not be able to pass inspection with a second layer. In many cases potential buyers either skip over the home altogether to avoid the hassle or demand the seller reduce the cost to cover a new roof.



So while it may seem like you are cutting costs by adding a second layer, make sure to take into account the long term costs. Be it unseen rotting plywood, difficulty assessing repair needs in the future, cave ins from too much weight, or trouble selling the home, in most cases a second layer doesn’t really save you anything in the long run!

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Protecting Your Roof from Winter Weather

December 14, 2016

Ice, Snow, and Your Roof!

In the pacific northwest, we don’t often experience heavy amount of ice and/or snow. Part of the problem with that is home manufacturers don’t feel the need to take the ice and snow into account when designing homes and roofs, and so when we do experience a winter storm, our homes are not ready and can suffer damage.

The average residential roof is built to withstand up to 20lbs per sq. ft. before giving way. As light and airy as a single snowflake is, when ice and snow compact they become heavier and heavier, increasing the weight and therefore the chance of roof failure. 1 cubic foot of DRY snow weighs 6-8 lbs, while 1 cubic foot of packed snow could weigh up to 20 lbs. If you add onto this a sheet of ice from freezing rain, and then new snowfall, it gets heavy quickly.

When the snow and ice being to melt, it turns into water that runs down your roof. If it melts fast, this means a high level of water running down your roof at the same time. When this happens, the roofing materials are not always able to divert it all and the water finds it’s way into your home. If the temperatures fluctuate around the freezing line, the snow and ice can melt just enough to collect at the gutters, where it refreezes. When ice dams in and around the gutters, it can cause a couple problems.

Icicles hanging on gutter eaves of roof in winter time

  1. The extra weight in the gutters can cause overflow, damaging the siding or can cause the gutter to pull away from the roof.
  2. Can create ice dams against the wood decking which can cause rotting and allow leakage.

    Obviously, there is only so much you can do about snow while it’s happening. The number one thing you can do is keep your roof in good health BEFORE the ice and snow hit. This includes:

  1. Keeping the moss off of the roof so that the shingles are not deteriorated.
  2. Replacing any worn or loose shingles on a regular basis.
  3. Repairing leaks as soon as they are discovered.

    By keeping your roof in good condition, it lessens the chance that the winter weather will cause extensive damage.

This is great you say, but what about during and after the winter storm? It’s too late to do preventative care, so now what? DON’T get on your own roof until you know it is no longer frozen. When the snow goes away, there can still be water in the shingles that freezes, making them extremely slick and dangerous. Remaining off the roof in frozen weather is highly recommended! A professional company has harnesses and ropes and a better knowledge of exactly when a roof is safe or not, trust them to walk on your winter roof!snow-on-roof

If you know of damage caused by the snow and ice, have it taken care of right away. Waiting until winter is over will only allow any other storms to increase the extent of the damage. Call Northwest Roof Maintenance and we can help you get it taken care of before Spring brings the heavy rain!

If you’ve experienced a storm and don’t know of any damage, but you want to be safe, have a roofing professional, like Northwest Roof Maintenance, inspect your roof. With their expertise, they will know what signs to look for that indicate damage and needed maintenance.

Give us a call and we can provide you with a free estimate for any needed work on your roof and we’ll help you get it taken care of in a timely manner!

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Don’t Neglect Your Roof this Winter!

November 8, 2016


The Holidays are almost here! This is a time when people want to be with family, celebrating! Whether that’s through large multiple day gatherings in your home, or short parties out and about, or even just spending the evenings with those closest to you, one thing is certain, you have a lot on your mind. What presents to get everyone, what food to make, how to get the house cleaned, reminiscing from years past, etc.. Odds are, of all those things on your mind, the one thing that isn’t in your thoughts is your roof.

It’s a common belief that, unless you have a sudden and urgent leak, winter isn’t the time to work on your roof. Generally speaking, this is false. Your roof is such an important part of your home that you should NEVER neglect it, no matter the time of year.

That’s not to say that winter doesn’t bring along some challenges. Rain, Christmas lights, and ice are just a handful that we experience here in the Pacific Northwest.

While heavy rain does cause delays in treatments and large repairs that require opening up the roof, Northwest Roof Maintenance can work with you and the weather, to get things done efficiently on the days that are dry enough for work to be performed.

The thing about ice here in the Vancouver and Portland area is that it doesn’t last long. Just as with rain, we will schedule your job so that both our crews and your roof are safe! Remember your roof is closer to the sun than your driveway, so it’s going to melt and be workable even sometimes when the rest of the world is frozen!

Christmas lights are another common issue during the holiday season. Most repairs can still be done even with Christmas lights on your roof, though they might interfere with cleanings. That doesn’t mean you can’t get ready though. Even with Christmas lights on your roof our professional consultants can inspect your roof and determine what you need so you can be ready as soon as those Christmas lights come down!


Why not just wait until summer?summer

You might be saying “this is great that things can be done in the holiday weather, but why does it need to?” “Can’t you just wait until summer comes and you don’t have to even think about this?” Well, you can, but you shouldn’t.

When a problem goes unaddressed on your roof it can grow from a small problem to a major problem. Moss, for example, can be easily addressed without issue when caught in the beginning stages. Removing it at minimal cost of a treatment. However, if you allow moss to sit and grow for months, especially when it’s wet and cold, it can wear away at the shingles, causing leaks and shortening the life of your roof. A small leak repair, or inadequate attic ventilation, though seemingly minor when first noticed, can expand into a larger repair needed or exponential mold growth. All of these things mean expensive repairs that could have been avoided by maintenance done sooner.

What if I don’t know what I need?

If looking at your roof overwhelms you, you aren’t alone. Roofs are intricate things that have to be done just right to be fully effective. It’s easy to fall under the impression that if your roof isn’t leaking it doesn’t need anything, especially when there is so much more to think about this Holiday season. So don’t stress about it, let a professional like Northwest Roof Maintenance come out and inspect your roof. We will look at the whole roof and help you gain peace of mind so that there is one less thing on your plate. Our friendly and professional consultants will never push unneeded repairs or maintenance, and will only recommend what you and your roof need!

So don’t wait! Contact Northwest Roof Maintenance at 503-740-4808 or 360-910-8938 today so we can help you keep up on your roof, even in this busy holiday season!

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A Poem for your Roof

September 19, 2016


Whether you live in Portland, Vancouver, or Timbuktu, your roof does a lot for you. It keeps pouring rain off your head while you sleep and it provides you shelter from the heat of the sun. So often it’s easy to forget about our roof until there is a problem. Most of the time when I hear people talking about their roof it’s negative. “My roof is leaking” “My roof always needs work” “My roof just causes problems with my budget”. It’s easy to think of all the ways a roof can fail, but here is a short poem reminding us to take a moment and be thankful for all those moments the roof doesn’t fail!


“Over, under, and over again

An impenetrable army hand in hand

Holding fast against the storm

Sleet and snow, they solidly stand.

Rain, it pitter-patters down

They do not attempt to flee.

Cold and heat beat at their backs

But still they watch over me.

This army of tile, shingle, shake

May fail, it’s not foolproof.

But I for one am thankful for

This thing we call a roof.”

For those times when the roof does fail and that “army” of shingles, tiles, or shakes needs a little TLC we are here to help you! You can contact Northwest Roof Maintenance, Inc. at 503-740-4808 OR 360-910-8938. We can also be reached via e-mail at . No matter what your roof needs, leak repair, moss removal, moss treatment, wind damage repair, etc… we can provide you with a free estimate for what it will take to get your roof back to gold standard! For all your roof does for you, don’t forget to take care of it! img95201609169510443327895hdr

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Curb Appeal and a Well Maintained Roof can Help Sell Your Home!

August 22, 2016

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.

Even with the increasing acceptance of the “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” ideology, first impressions are still important. Someone may be an amazing worker but they still have to make a good first impression. If they show up to an interview wearing torn clothes, unkempt hair, and smelling like they are afraid of the shower, the interviewer may assume they don’t care about the job. In the same way, even if a house has a completely updated interior, if the roof is falling apart, the lawn is overgrown, and the siding is covered in dirt and grime, someone might assume that if the homeowner doesn’t care enough to take care of the exterior they probably don’t care enough to take care of the interior. This may not matter to you if you don’t care what people think, it’s your home after all. But, what about when you try to sell your home? This exterior impression, known as curb appeal, may actually one of the most important and influential factors of selling your home.


Curb appeal is important when selling your home for a number of reasons:

  • Getting bites! if people don’t like the exterior, why would they inquire about further information and pricing? Often times a potential buyer will make an opinion about the house just by driving by. The better the exterior, the more likely they will be interested in the interior.
  • Increasing buyer confidence. When the first thing a potential buyer sees is a driveway that needs to be resurfaced or a roof that needs to be replaced, they are going to already be starting to calculate the cost and risk of buying the house. Whereas when a home is kept up well they see the positives and the things that add to their investment. In addition, the more a potential buyer feels as if the exterior has been taken care of, the more they will feel that there aren’t hidden problems inside.
  • Avoiding low ball offers. It’s always nice to get an offer on your home you are trying to sell, but it’s disappointing and frustrating when the offer is way below your asking price. When large repairs are needed, particularly on the siding, or roof of your home, the potential buyer will offer you what they think the house is worth MINUS what they think they might need to spend. These offers aren’t always accurate, as things might look worse than they actually are. The better the curb appeal of your house, the better chance of someone actually seeing the value of the home.
  • Making a house feel like a home. In most occasions, potential buyers are looking for somewhere to call home, not just a building. Many realtors will use tricks like baking cookies or staging furniture in a cozy way to help the people looking at the home better imagine living there. The curb appeal is a part of this. With that first impression, you can either make a potential buyer feel like they would need to do a lot of work OR you can make them feel like they are at home and in a place that is loved. AKA the more it looks like you love your house, the more they will be able to imagine themselves loving your house.


Northwest Roof Maintenance can help you with one of the biggest aspects of curb appeal, the roof! In the Portland and Vancouver area we can provide a free inspection of your roof to determine what is needed on your roof. From there we can help get your roof cleaned, repaired, and ready to sell! Getting your roof taken care of BEFORE you try to sell helps ensure that unsightly problems such as rusted flashing, overflowing gutters, lifting shingles, or moss growth doesn’t turn away a potential buyer!


If you would like to get a free estimate of your roof you can reach us at 503-740-4808 OR 360-910-8938!

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

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That Pesky Pest Problem

August 9, 2016

Squirrel sitting on the roof

Have you ever watched a squirrel shimmy along a branch and jump gracefully onto your roof? Did you think as you watched it that you could be witnessing a home intruder? While not every critter that steps foot on your roof is going to cause damage, they aren’t all just passing through either. Animals on your roof can mean animals in your attic. They might enter through a pre-existing hole or decide that asphalt shingles are their delicacy of choice and gnaw their way in. You aren’t helpless to these unwanted visitors though. By being aware of signs of animal intruders you can stay on top of your roof care and minimize damage caused by them.

How can you tell if you have animal problems?

There are a handful of signs that might indicate possible pest activity:

  • Lifting, or loose shingles
  • Obvious holes in the roof
  • Areas where light is coming into the attic
  • Animal feces in the attic
  • Chewed cord, wires, insulation in the attic
  • Noises inside the attic

Hole in roof 1 Lifting Shingles 1







If you suspect you have animals actively getting into your attic, you should do two things. First,  if the animals are still inside of your attic, hire a pest control professional to remove them so they don’t cause further damage. Second, contact a roofing professional, like Northwest Roof Maintenance, to inspect your roof and make sure that any intrusion points are addressed and repaired. Once you have removed the animals and performed any needed repairs, the best thing to do is keep an eye on your roof. We recommend doing a visual inspection of your roof often. Know what it looks like so you can know when something doesn’t look right. Look for lifting, loose, missing shingles, look for holes. Upon noticing any of these things get a roofer out to take care of them before they become a bigger problem. You should also check the attic every so often, check for signs of moisture which can indicate a leak, check for holes where light is coming through which could allow water to come through, etc… By inspecting your attic and roof regularly you will be able to catch any damage early, minimizing the extent of repairs needed.

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Knowing is Helpful!

July 29, 2016



Xenophobia is defined as a fear of the unknown. This is a fear that is at the root of many other fears. Agoraphobics (people who fear the outdoors) will often say that the reason they are afraid is because they don’t know what is out there. Someone who is afraid of commitment may 1really be afraid of a committing to something or someone when they don’t know if there is something better out there. Someone afraid of swimming in a deep lake may actually be afraid because they don’t know what creatures could be swimming there. Or maybe someone is hesitant to get roof work done because they don’t know what to expect. We might not be able to help you feel confident swimming in a lake, but we can help ease any fears you have about what to expect when you call us for a free estimate.


There are many different ways you can initially contact Northwest Roof Maintenance, phone call, e-mail, third party websites like HomeAdvisor, an estimate request form on our website, etc.. No matter what method you use, one of our friendly and professional office staff will be your first contact. They’ll gather the information needed to contact you again, and then get some information about your roof. Once this information is gathered they will set up a time to have one of our consultants out to take a look at your roof.


Our roof consultants have experience inspecting and accurately diagnosing a variety of roof types, pitches, problems, etc.. They will always come physically inspect your roof in order to accurately assess what your roof needs. Their goal is to best help you determine what will be best for your specific roof and they will never try to push something you don’t want or don’t need. If you have a leak or attic issues we will ensure you are home so our consultant can get inside. But if all the work is exterior we make it easy on you and can do the inspection without you home so you don’t have to rearrange your schedule! Once they have inspected the roof they will send you a written version of the estimate via email (or if your prefer hard copy in the mail). This is to ensure that there is no miscommunication that can happen with verbal estimates. If at this point you have any questions or concerns, you can easily reach the consultant who looked at your roof via phone or e-mail!


Once you’ve had any questions answered and had a chance to make a decision, if you want to get the work scheduled you just let us know! We will let you know how far out we are and then you can just sit back. We will keep an eye on the weather, find an optimal day to get your work done, and then we will call you to confirm that date works for you! Plus we will confirm t


Then comes the work itself. On the day agreed upon you can expect one of our crews to arrive ready to get to it! They’ll let you know they are there, will perform the work efficiently and professionally, and then let you know when they have finished. If at any point the crew determines additional work is necessary due we will ALWAYS check with you before doing something that will change the estimate amount. Once the work is complete the crew will provide you with a copy of the invoice. We want payment to be easy for you, so we accept either check or any major credit card!


The next business day you will get one more call from our office, following up to make sure that you are satisfied with the work done. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we want to give you the chance to provide feedback or ask questions! If for any reason there are issues with the work done, we will work with you to get things resolved quickly! At this point you are left with a roof that is better than it was before!


So there you have it, the simple outline of our process from first contact to final product! Of course different situations will call for slight variations in this, but roughly, you are now ready to call us for your free (and xenophobia free) estimate! Contact us at 503-740-4808, 360-910-8938, OR !

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