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Cedar is gorgeous and is a renewable resource that is locally sourced. It is sad to say that far too many cedar shake roofs are replaced prematurely because owners are simply unaware of the need to regularly service and maintain the roof and so the roof falls into disrepair long before it should. Cedar shake roofs need annual check-ups to make sure they remain water-tight. Our various cedar shake service can help keep your roof looking beautiful and working correctly.

Clean Moss & Debris

As beautiful as cedar shakes are, it’s not so pretty when debris, moss, and fungus build up on the roof.

Debris can get caught under and in-between shakes, as well as build up in the valleys. Often times all that will be needed is a blow off of your roof. Our technicians wear specially designed shoes along with safety harnesses to keep them from falling on the slippery shakes as they use compressed air to remove all the debris from your roof.

When it’s more than just loose debris, but actual moss and fungus build up on your roof, it might take a little more than compressed air. In some cases, especially if you are wanting the roof to look as clean as possible, we can provide you with a pressure wash of your roof. However, this can be damaging to the roof in some cases due to the high pressure of the water. Our professional roofing consultants can discuss with you whether this is the best option or if a blow off and treatment will be the best option.


Replace Failing Shakes

As the sun beats and rain falls on the roof, the wood wears thin and can warp. This means the roof may no longer be watertight. To correct this, individual shakes may need to be replaced each year as this normal wear occurs in order to prevent leaks from occurring. When this repair is kept up with on a regular basis it saves the homeowner money in the long run as it prolongs the time until a full replacement is needed. Missed a year? No worries, our consultants can still take a look and provide you with the best option for getting your roof back on track.

It’s always recommended that you have a professional inspect the whole roof to make sure all needs are addressed, but there are some things you can look for to help you know if your cedar roof is ready for repair.

  • Shakes that are curling at the ends
  • Missing shakes, or large holes between shakes where the existing shakes have warped
  • Light coming into the attic, even through pinpoint sized holes
  • Visible underlayment


Roof Treatments

After worn, split, and warped shakes have been replaced, our preservative treatment can be applied to help prevent future warping and splitting due to the sun’s destructive UV rays, as well as inhibit the growth of moss, fungi, and rot-causing organisms.

This copper-based treatment also includes a pesticide to ward off those pesky insects that can damage your roof and cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs. Termites and Powder post beetles will stay away, leaving your roof alone for years.

To guarantee the most effective application, we will only apply this treatment when weather allows and the shakes are dry. This ensures that the wood soaks up as much treatment as possible and isn’t already filled with water.

Our treatment does generally include a tint, to help keep the beautiful, even, coloring of your shakes.