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Don’t Neglect Your Roof this Winter!


The Holidays are almost here! This is a time when people want to be with family, celebrating! Whether that’s through large multiple day gatherings in your home, or short parties out and about, or even just spending the evenings with those closest to you, one thing is certain, you have a lot on your mind. What presents to get everyone, what food to make, how to get the house cleaned, reminiscing from years past, etc.. Odds are, of all those things on your mind, the one thing that isn’t in your thoughts is your roof.

It’s a common belief that, unless you have a sudden and urgent leak, winter isn’t the time to work on your roof. Generally speaking, this is false. Your roof is such an important part of your home that you should NEVER neglect it, no matter the time of year.

That’s not to say that winter doesn’t bring along some challenges. Rain, Christmas lights, and ice are just a handful that we experience here in the Pacific Northwest.

While heavy rain does cause delays in treatments and large repairs that require opening up the roof, Northwest Roof Maintenance can work with you and the weather, to get things done efficiently on the days that are dry enough for work to be performed.

The thing about ice here in the Vancouver and Portland area is that it doesn’t last long. Just as with rain, we will schedule your job so that both our crews and your roof are safe! Remember your roof is closer to the sun than your driveway, so it’s going to melt and be workable even sometimes when the rest of the world is frozen!

Christmas lights are another common issue during the holiday season. Most repairs can still be done even with Christmas lights on your roof, though they might interfere with cleanings. That doesn’t mean you can’t get ready though. Even with Christmas lights on your roof our professional consultants can inspect your roof and determine what you need so you can be ready as soon as those Christmas lights come down!


Why not just wait until summer?summer

You might be saying “this is great that things can be done in the holiday weather, but why does it need to?” “Can’t you just wait until summer comes and you don’t have to even think about this?” Well, you can, but you shouldn’t.

When a problem goes unaddressed on your roof it can grow from a small problem to a major problem. Moss, for example, can be easily addressed without issue when caught in the beginning stages. Removing it at minimal cost of a treatment. However, if you allow moss to sit and grow for months, especially when it’s wet and cold, it can wear away at the shingles, causing leaks and shortening the life of your roof. A small leak repair, or inadequate attic ventilation, though seemingly minor when first noticed, can expand into a larger repair needed or exponential mold growth. All of these things mean expensive repairs that could have been avoided by maintenance done sooner.

What if I don’t know what I need?

If looking at your roof overwhelms you, you aren’t alone. Roofs are intricate things that have to be done just right to be fully effective. It’s easy to fall under the impression that if your roof isn’t leaking it doesn’t need anything, especially when there is so much more to think about this Holiday season. So don’t stress about it, let a professional like Northwest Roof Maintenance come out and inspect your roof. We will look at the whole roof and help you gain peace of mind so that there is one less thing on your plate. Our friendly and professional consultants will never push unneeded repairs or maintenance, and will only recommend what you and your roof need!

So don’t wait! Contact Northwest Roof Maintenance at 503-740-4808 or 360-910-8938 today so we can help you keep up on your roof, even in this busy holiday season!

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