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That Pesky Pest Problem

Squirrel sitting on the roof

Have you ever watched a squirrel shimmy along a branch and jump gracefully onto your roof? Did you think as you watched it that you could be witnessing a home intruder? While not every critter that steps foot on your roof is going to cause damage, they aren’t all just passing through either. Animals on your roof can mean animals in your attic. They might enter through a pre-existing hole or decide that asphalt shingles are their delicacy of choice and gnaw their way in. You aren’t helpless to these unwanted visitors though. By being aware of signs of animal intruders you can stay on top of your roof care and minimize damage caused by them.

How can you tell if you have animal problems?

There are a handful of signs that might indicate possible pest activity:

  • Lifting, or loose shingles
  • Obvious holes in the roof
  • Areas where light is coming into the attic
  • Animal feces in the attic
  • Chewed cord, wires, insulation in the attic
  • Noises inside the attic

Hole in roof 1 Lifting Shingles 1







If you suspect you have animals actively getting into your attic, you should do two things. First,  if the animals are still inside of your attic, hire a pest control professional to remove them so they don’t cause further damage. Second, contact a roofing professional, like Northwest Roof Maintenance, to inspect your roof and make sure that any intrusion points are addressed and repaired. Once you have removed the animals and performed any needed repairs, the best thing to do is keep an eye on your roof. We recommend doing a visual inspection of your roof often. Know what it looks like so you can know when something doesn’t look right. Look for lifting, loose, missing shingles, look for holes. Upon noticing any of these things get a roofer out to take care of them before they become a bigger problem. You should also check the attic every so often, check for signs of moisture which can indicate a leak, check for holes where light is coming through which could allow water to come through, etc… By inspecting your attic and roof regularly you will be able to catch any damage early, minimizing the extent of repairs needed.

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