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Moss Removal & Preventative Treatment

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Tile Roof Care

If you see brown water dripping behind your gutters of your tile roof you may have a common...

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Clean Moss & Debris

The method of moss removal used on your tile roof will be dependent on a couple factors: amount of moss, condition of roof, and your preference.

In some cases with light moss or loose debris all that is needed is a blow off of the roof, using compressed air. We generally recommend following this with our preventative treatment to stop future moss growth. If the moss is heavier, it might require a brushing. Our crews will gently use a wire brush to loosen and remove the moss from the surface of the tiles. They will then use the compressed air to blow this loosened moss and debris off of your roof. This is a gentle method that does not cause damage to the tiles, helping prolong the integrity of your roof.

Both air and brushing remove moss but will not necessarily clean the dirt and dinginess off of your tiles. If the roof is in good condition and the tiles are not brittle, we offer the option of a pressure wash. This will clean the moss and dirt, leaving your roof looking fresh. As this can accelerate the deterioration of the roofing materials, we reserve this option only for the most extreme cases, or as required by HOA regulations or homeowner preference.

With our follow-up preventative treatment, your Portland area roof is no longer a hospitable climate for moss to grow in.

Replace Broken Tiles

Sometimes a broken tile is merely a cosmetic issue, posing no real threat to the integrity of your roof. However, sometimes a broken tile is a potential leak. Let our professional consultants inspect your roof for broken tiles. They will assess which tiles are dangers to your roofs and which are merely an aesthetic problem and will work with you to decide what the best course of action for your roof is.

Inspect Failure Points and Repair

Most tile roofs experience the same problems and have the same weak points. We can provide you with a full inspection of your roof to see if these common issues or anything else is affecting your roof.

Anti-Ponding Repairs
If you see brown water dripping behind your gutters on your tile roof, you may have a common tile roof problem known as Eave Ponding.

Valley Cleaning
A valley can be a weak point on a tile roof as it is the accumulating point for water and debris. As debris finds its way under the tiles it can dam up and hinder the flow of water to the gutters. This causes water to pool and wear away at the roofing material, making leaks more likely. Our trained crews can carefully lift the roofing tiles and clear out the built up debris, allowing water to flow freely down the valley to the gutter, helping prevent further damage.

Moss Treatments

We use tried and true preventative treatments to keep the moss away from your roof, even in our Pacific Northwest weather. When we apply our moss prevention treatments, we cover the entire roof, ensuring that moss has nowhere to grow.

For tile roofs we use a water based zinc treatment that kills the moss but is gentle on your roof. This treatment can take up to a few weeks to fully kill the moss, and in that time you should see any green moss slowly turn yellow/brown and eventually black. It is not uncommon for a white residue to be seen on the roof in the few days following application of this treatment. This residue, caused by a high concentration of zinc in the solution, is completely harmless to your roof, and will rinse away with the next heavy rain.

Speaking of rain, this treatment can be applied even in a light drizzle, making it an optimal treatment for the Pacific Northwest. If you are concerned about the weather on the day the treatment is applied, we follow this general rule: the treatment can be applied unless it is raining hard enough for water to be running down the roof. In addition to this we generally provide a warranty on our treatments so in the case that the first application isn’t effective, we will come back out in the warranty period at no cost to you!