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April Showers bring May flowers, unless you live in the Pacific Northwest, then April showers just bring May showers. Sometimes we are lucky and we get that nice, warm, sunshiny spring full of flowers and butterflies and warm breezes. Either way those April showers promise us one thing – Moss. The green monster on your roof brings with it shingle deterioration, risk of lifting and loosened shingles, and the threat of water leaking into your attic and your home. Taking care of cleaning your roof isn’t the only thing we do here at Northwest Roof Maintenance, but it is one of the things we specialize in!


We care about your roof, and we care about you! Our mission is to provide you with outstanding Roof Maintenance service every single time you interact with us. That service includes your interactions with our office staff, our consultants, and our technicians. It also includes the actual servicing of your roof. We strive to provide the best care your roof has ever had! This means we have to know not only how to get rid of moss, but how to do it in a manner that is gentle and safe for your roof. It starts from the very beginning of our relationship with your roof.


We’ve had people ask why our consultants have to get on their roof if they are only wanting a cleaning done. Can’t they see the moss from the ground? Well, yes, they can see the moss from the ground, but what they can’t see from the ground is the condition of your shingles, the thickness of the moss, and any other surprises the technicians might run into. By visually inspecting the roof we are doing two things. 1) we are ensuring that we are offering you a service that will be beneficial for your roof, in its current condition. 2) we are respecting you. By ensuring we know what we are getting into we can better provide you with a price that will not change the second our technicians get on the roof and we are ensuring that you are fully aware of the status and condition of your roof. We earnestly believe that as the homeowner you have the right to know what’s going on with your roof! In order to provide you with that knowledge and information it is key that our consultants be up to date on the safest, most efficient methods of moss removal as well as know the different ways to treat and prevent moss. This is why many of our sales consultants start out as technicians – so they get that hands on, actual experience training, before they diagnose your roof!


When our Roof Maintenance technicians step foot on your roof you can rest easy that they are prepared to handle your roof specifically! From bringing appropriate supplies, to knowing the condition so they can safely and gently access it. Everything our consultants note about your roof gets passed on to our techs. We are constantly pushing our technicians to learn and grow, so you can know that they are up to date with exactly how to best care for your roof. They don’t take the easy way out, or skip the areas no one will ever see, they do exactly what we tell you they will do, how we tell you they will do it!


Let’s talk about that for a second – how we do it! Some companies will try to tell you that’s it completely fine to do a pressure wash of your asphalt shingles, the reality, however, is that a pressure wash can hurt you in more ways than one. Pressure washing, be it high pressure or low pressure, can loosen the granules on your shingles causing premature failure and can vastly shorten the life of your roof. Pressure washing asphalt can also void many insurance policies and warranties! So even if it seems like a more efficient or cheaper option in the moment, the long term costs can cause you big ticket problems. That’s why we brush off, blow off, and treat asphalt shingles. By gently loosening the moss and removing it from the roof we ensure that your shingles stay in tact and functioning as well as when we started!

What about cedar and tile though – can’t those be pressure washed? Yes, in general! But that comes back to ensuring you aren’t just getting a one size fits all cleaning of your roof. Our consultants and technicians ensure your roofing materials are in a condition of a material that won’t be damaged by pressure before we suggest that as a recommended method.


No matter what method of cleaning we recommend for your roof, you can know our Roof Maintenance technicians will do it with care and professionalism. Once the job is done, our office staff will connect with you again to make sure you are satisfied! We stand behind our values, and ensuring your experience with us is a good one goes beyond the end of the work. If we didn’t live up to our end of the bargain we do what we can to make it right! If at any point, from first call to a happy ending, you can reach out to our friendly office staff at any point, we are here for you!


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