Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance & Repair Services

Do you have a beautiful cedar roof? Protect your investment with regular maintenance! Too many cedar shake roofs are replaced prematurely simply because homeowners are unaware of their maintenance needs. Prevent leaks and lengthen the life of your cedar shake roof by scheduling regular inspections and repairing any problems immediately.

Here at Northwest Roof Maintenance, we specialize in cedar roof maintenance and repair. We offer free roof inspections and provide trusted roof cleaning, repairs, and maintenance to help keep your cedar roof watertight and in perfect condition.

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Our Cedar Roof Maintenance & Repair Services

A Cedar Roof

Moss & Debris Removal

Cedar shakes look beautiful, but they’re not so pretty when covered in debris, moss, and fungus. Over time, it’s common for moss and debris to get caught under and in-between shakes and valleys. Typically, a gentle professional compressed air removal is all you’ll need to clear up your roof.

When you have a more serious moss and debris issue and your roof is in otherwise good condition, we offer a pressure wash. As this can accelerate the deterioration of roofing materials, our reserve this option only for the most extreme cases.

Our technicians wear specially designed shoes along with safety harnesses to keep them from falling on the slippery shakes will blow off debris from your roof using.

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Broken Shakes Replacement

As the sun beats down and rain falls on your roof, your wood shakes can wear thin and warp. When this happens, the roof may no longer be watertight. Individual shakes may need to be replaced each year in order to prevent leaks from occurring.

We recommend having your cedar roof professionally inspected once a year to make sure all needs are addressed. A few things we’ll look for include:

  • Shakes that are curling at the ends
  • Missing shakes, or large holes between shakes where the existing shakes have warped
  • Light coming into the attic, even through pinpoint sized holes
  • Visible underlayment


Keeping up with repairs will save you money in the long run and prolong the time until a full replacement is needed. Missed a year? No worries, our consultants can still take a look and provide you with the best option for getting your roof back on track.

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Cedar Shake Roof Treatments

After damaged shakes have been replaced, our preservative treatment can be applied to help prevent future warping and splitting due to the sun’s destructive UV rays. This treatment will also inhibit the growth of moss, fungi, and rot-causing organisms.

Our copper-based treatment also includes a pesticide to ward off those pesky insects that can damage your roof and cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs. Termites and Powder Post Beetles will stay away, leaving your roof alone for years.

To guarantee the most effective application, we will only apply this treatment when weather allows and the shakes are dry. This ensures the wood soaks up as much treatment as possible and isn’t already filled with water.

Our treatment generally includes a tint to help keep the beautiful, even coloring of your shakes.

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The Crew

Here at Northwest Roof Maintenance, our experienced team is dedicated to helping homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest maintain their cedar shake roofs and keep their home (and family) safe. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service and excellent roofing results. Our goal is to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our work.

When you call us with questions or worries about your cedar shake roof, our on-site consultants will visit your home and give you an accurate diagnosis. You can count on us to only recommend the services you actually need – we never suggest unnecessary repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer cedar shake roof repairs near me?
We offer roof maintenance and repair services throughout the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area. Our technicians also commonly work in Camas, Battle Ground, and Ridgefield.

Do you install new cedar shake roofs?
No. we specialize in tile roof repair and maintenance only. We never install roofs of any kind. Instead, our goal is to help Portland and Vancouver homeowners get the most out of their existing roof.

How often should I clean my cedar roof?
Cedar shake roofs look fabulous, but require more maintenance than some other types of roofs. That’s why we recommend having your cedar roof inspected and repaired (if needed) on a yearly basis. However, throughout the year, make sure to keep an eye out for moss growth, loose or missing shakes, leaks, or pest infestations. If you see these warning signs, call us immediately.

Can’t I just clean my cedar roof by myself?
This is very dangerous and we do NOT recommend it as cedar shakes are especially slippery. Every year, many homeowners hurt themselves while trying to work on their roof. Additionally, you cause a lot of damage to your roof if you’re not careful.

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