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In the Vancouver, WA and the Portland Metro area composition roofs are found on over 75% of homes! Composition roofs refer to those using shingles made from composite materials like asphalt. Generally speaking, there are three main types of composite shingles– 3-tab, Presidential, and Architectural shingles.

3-tab composition roof shingles are the most basic, inexpensive, and least durable option. They are flat, with shingle having 3 tabs. For many homeowners, they represent a low-cost alternative to more decorative and traditional materials like cedar shakes and tiles. Architectural and Presidential composition roof shingles are heavier duty designs, that add dimension and protection to your home’s roof.

No matter what type of composition roof shingle you may choose, proper maintenance is the key to maximizing the life of your home’s roof!


Composition Roof Services

At Northwest Roof Maintenance, we specialize in cleaning, maintaining, and repairing composition roofs. Our composition roof maintenance services include:

  • Composition Roof Inspections – We don’t believe in doing work you don’t need. That’s why we always start with a full inspection of your composite roof. Your roof inspection is free and we’ll answer any questions you have about what we find.
  • Moss Removal – We start by removing moss and other debris. Then we’ll use powerful zinc-based roof treatments to keep moss from growing back.
  • Leaky Roof Repair – Our roof repair specialists find, diagnose, and fix leaks at the source. That means faster and more effective repairs for your composition roof.
  • Other Cleaning & Repair Services – Maybe you have a leaking skylight or chimney? Or you’re not sure what the problem is with your roof? We can help– just ask!

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Composition Roof Testimonial    “We had a great experience with Northwest Roof Maintenance. Everyone was friendly and courteous, and the job was completed in a timely fashion and with excellent results. Highly recommended for anyone in the Vancouver area!     -Andy Brunner


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: After you’re done working on my composition roof, will you handle clean-up and disposal?

A: Of course! When you hire the roof experts at Northwest Roof Maintenance, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll leave your roof strong, sturdy and sparkling clean!

Q: Can I pressure wash my composition roof?

A: No, high pressured water can deteriorate and disintegrate the composition materials. In fact, many manufacture and installment warranties are voided if the roof is pressure washed. When it comes to composition roof maintenance, the best option is hand brushing with a metal wire brush, followed by a zinc sulfate treatment.

Q: How often should I have my composition roof serviced and maintained?

A: There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to deciding how often to have your composition roof cleaned. But if you notice any moss growth, loose or lifting shingles, missing shingles, leaks, or animal activity, you should have a professional roofer inspect your roof to see what maintenance might be needed.

Q: Do you work on other types of roofs?

A: In addition to composition roofs, we also work on tile roofs! We’ll use tools, materials, and treatments that are specially designed to meet the needs of your roof. We take pride in our attention to detail!

Q: Do you do full roof replacements?

A: No, we don’t ever do full roof replacements. Instead, we specialize in providing the best roof repair and maintenance services around. We’ll never try to upsell you to a roof replacement that you don’t need.

Q: How much training do your roofing technicians receive?

A: We believe our roofing technicians are the best in the business– bar none! We offer continuing training to make sure they know the best way to solve any roofing problems they come across.


The Northwest Roof Maintenance team is prompt, professional and efficient. Their specialty is composition roof repair with integrity.

If you have a roof that needs an immediate solution, this is the company to call.

-Kris Q.

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