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What is the coating?

It is a highly resilient reflective coating with a minimum required thickness of 1/8″, to add at least 10-15 years to an old dying low slope commercial roof or less than 6/12 pitch metal roof.


Why do a coating instead of a re-roof?

The cost of doing a re-roof on commercial buildings can be quite substantial, given the fact that once you open a commercial roof you are required by law to bring that part of the structure up to date with local seismic stability laws which could add millions of unnecessary dollars when all you are really wanting to do is ensure “water tightness”.


What will the coating fix and not fix?

The coating will not “fix” anything itself, but in the estimation process the weak points in the roof will be addressed and flashing issues will be coated with a separate compound recommended for these weak areas and also prior failed repairs. Once these points are addressed the roof is then primed and coated with the manufacturer’s specific top coating, sealing everything into one solid flexible membrane type roof.


What types of roofs can and can’t be done?

The product is for use on existing Built-Up-Roofs (BUR’s), TPO, and Torchdown type commercial roofs as well as low pitch metal roofs that are starting to leak from either screws failing or weakpoints in seams.

It cannot be used on shingles, tiles and cedar shake roofs in the residential realm and in the commercial side it cannot be used on flat roofs that have a layer of gravel or rocks for U.V. protection. The rocks would have to be removed and then the coating can be applied.


How long does it take?

For most roofs the process should take around a week, due to size and also letting the prime coats dry and patch work to cure before applying the top coat is crucial, to allow no moisture to be trapped between layers.


When can it be done?

Because of the type of materials used and living in the Northwest the process can only be done in the dry months (April – October) Tentatively.
Are we certified/ why should I trust Northwest Roof Maintenance?

We take pride in our work and strive to be the best maintenance contractor in our area. We are currently not certified to be an APOC certified installer. We are in process of doing such, They only require certifications on larger commercial sized roofs, for example Wal-mart and Fred Meyer sized projects, on smaller jobs we are in constant contact with the product representative with photos and consultation on which of their products should be used from job to job.


Do I have any other options than roof coatings?

There are only several options one is to re-roof and the other is to only have patch work done when the roof leaks.


Anything else I need to know?

Roof coatings can add curb side appeal to any sloped roof, giving it that instant shine from a dark and gloomy style roof. It also is a reflective coating which in the hot summer months can keep the inside of your building significantly cooler while the white color reflects most of the suns harmful UV rays



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