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Do you have moss Growing On Your Roof?

If you live in the Portland or Vancouver area, then you’re familiar with cloudy and rainy days. Unfortunately, this is exactly the type of weather that moss and fungi need to grow and overtake your roof.

In a wet climate like the Pacific Northwest, it’s extremely important to maintain your roof and keep moss at bay. Moss soaks up moisture like a sponge which means a mossy roof is a perpetually wet roof.

roof moss removal service in Vancouver WA | roof moss removal service near Portland OR
We provide roof moss removal in Vancouver, WA and the Portland, OR metro area.

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Is moss really bad for my roof?

The Pacific Northwest is known for its wet and rainy weather, and moss is a common sight across Washington & Oregon. Many homeowners in the area wonder, “should I remove moss from my roof?” The answer is yes. Not only does a mossy roof look bad, but moss can damage your roof by:

  • Damaging your roof shingles or tile
  • Allowing water to leak into your home
  • Encouraging roof rot, bacteria and mold growth
  • Creating thin spots and holes in your roof
  • Weakening your roof’s integrity and shortening it’s lifespan

Whether you notice a small amount of moss on your roof or are dealing with a roof completely overgrown with moss, we can help remove and prevent moss from growing on your roof, and possibly save your roof from a more expensive roof repair. We specialize in moss removal, along with complete shingle roof cleaning and tile roof cleaning in Vancouver. 

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Roof Moss Removal Services Near You (Portland and Vancouver)

Moss Removal PortlandAt Northwest Roof Maintenance, we offer a proven moss removal treatment to homeowners in the greater Portland and Vancouver area. Our roof moss removal process uses a combination of compressed air and soft brushing to clear away and kill moss on your roof.

So exactly how do we remove moss from your roof and prevent it from growing back?


First, we’ll gently brush away the moss by hand, freeing it from your shingles or tiles.


Using air, we’ll blow the loosened moss and debris out from between the shingles or tiles of your roof.


Lastly, we’ll clean your gutters after every roof cleaning and always do a full clean-up of the area and check in with you to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

Our roof moss removal process does not damage your shingles or tiles. Removing moss will help prolong the integrity of your roof.

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Yes, we do provide a warranty on our treatments. If your first application isn’t effective, we’ll come back within the warranty period at no cost to you!

Our moss prevention treatment can be applied even in the rain. We have two different treatments. One is used specifically when it is wet and the other during the dry months. The wet weather treatment is optimal for when we have our rainy Portland and Vancouver weather.

This is very dangerous and we do NOT recommend it. Every year, thousands of homeowners hurt themselves while trying to work on their roof. Additionally, if you’re not experienced working on roofs, you can cause a lot of damage.

On cement tile roofs a high-pressure wash may be necessary to free moss, mildew, lichen, and algae. This process can accelerate the deterioration of your roof, so we only use this method in extreme cases, or as required by HOA regulations.

  • Pricing typically starts at $1,000 for complete roof cleanings.
  • Pricing is based on factors that include:
    • Size of the roof
    • How dirty it is
    • Type of roof
    • How steep it is
    • How easily it can be accessed
    • Height of the roof
  • Roof moss removal and cleaning in the Portland/Vancouver area with Northwest Roof Maintenance can range anywhere from around $1000. That's why we provide free estimates and inspections.

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