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What are they & should you have one?
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What Is A Roof Certification?

When it’s time to sell your home it can be hard to know how to build trust with your prospective buyers. At Northwest Roof Maintenance, we provide roof certifications (for Portland and Vancouver area) to help reassure your buyer that the roof is in good working condition and that all needed repairs were made.

Roof certifications are a written opinion of the potential life expectancy of a roof with proper maintenance. 

Not all roofs can be certified. This is why a detailed inspection is required. Our experienced roofing consultants will be able to assess whether or not the roof is certifiable. Some roofs need to be repaired in order for them to be certified. If the roof does require roof repairs we will issue the roof certification after the repairs are performed.

A roof inspection includes opinions on:

Roof Inspections vs. Roof Certifications

A roof inspection is not a roof certification. A roof inspection is an examination of your roof performed by one of our most experienced roofing consultants. During this time they will perform a detailed on-roof inspection, taking note of all needed repairs and maintenance. They will then provide a detailed report of your roof. 

A roof certification is a document stating our consultants professional opinion of the condition of your roof. It will state that, in our opinion, your roof will last anywhere from 3 to 5 years with proper maintenance. 

We must inspect your roof prior to issuing your certification (if, in fact,  your roof is certifiable).

Benefits of a Roof Certification

Real Estate Roof Certifications Can Help Sell A Home

Whether you are in the process of buying or selling a home it is always important to have the roof both inspected and certified. A roof certification is not usually included in a regular inspection. This makes it so important to receive a roof certification from a reputable roofing company. A professional roofing company will be able to examine the roof and give a detailed inspection report of the roofs needs and disclose its life expectancy.

Roof Certification for Insurance

A roof certification inspection is something most insurance companies ask for when they request a roof inspection for insurance purposes. Since the roof certification can disclose the remaining life span of your roof and evaluates its overall condition, it's important information for the insurance company to have when determining roof insurance premiums. If you receive a roof certification for insurance from a professional roof inspection company near you, then your homeowner's insurance premiums can be lowered due to less risk of damage being done to the roof from to high winds, rain, or other forces of nature.

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