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Our team specializes in roof cleaning and repairs exclusively so that you receive the highest quality service. Because we do not offer full replacements, you can rest assured that we will never recommend a roof replacement that you don’t need. We will, however, tell you if a full replacement would be in your best interest. We’ll suggest only the repairs and services that we know will benefit your home.

Did you know that you can extend the life of your roof with just a bit of forethought? At Northwest Roof Maintenance, we believe in being proactive when it comes to your roof’s health. By scheduling routine roof maintenance you can maintain the integrity of your roof which is what we’re all about.

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What To Expect From Our Happy Valley Roof Maintenance Contractors

Our roof cleaning and repair technicians are trained, certified, in uniform, background checked, and they take project photos.

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Many homeowners know it’s important to take care of their roof but are afraid that replacing it is their only option. At Northwest Roof Maintenance, we offer repair and cleaning services to help maximize the life of your roof so that you can enjoy a roof that looks good and works right.

Roof Maintenance Services Near You

Roof Cleaning & Repair Services

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We want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied, and we go the extra mile to make your experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Serving the entire Vancouver/Portland area.

Vancouver, WA Roof Repair Services Near YouWhen it comes to protecting your family and investment, you need the best roof repair in Vancouver, WA. Our expert roofers help keep your roof looking great and working right with roofing services including:

Once we repair your roof, we offer and highly recommend ongoing roof cleaning (moss removal, pressure washing) and local roof maintenance services to keep your roof in good working order for years to come.

nearby roof inspection vancouver waOur experienced onsite consultants will thoroughly inspect your roof at no cost. We take pride in our dedication to accurately diagnosing any problems and clearly presenting our recommendations to you. Our goal is the same as yours: to fix roof issues quickly and effectively so you can get back to enjoying your home. Schedule your roof certification services today. 

Roof Moss Removal & Gutter Cleaning

moss removal services & roof cleaning in Vancouver, WA & Portland, ORMoss loves damp roofs, so it’s no surprise that many Washington residents notice moss thriving on their roofs in rainy months. Unfortunately, moss grows into your shingles, often loosening or lifting them, which can eventually lead to a leaky roof. Our roof moss removal and treatment services will get your roof clean and moss-free. Then we’ll apply a preventative treatment to make sure there is a much lower chance of moss growing back. 

vancouver roof leak repair near youRoofs can leak for a variety of reasons. Often, cold weather can cause water to freeze and expand, opening cracks in your roof that start to leak. If your roof is leaking, we’ll handle it. At Northwest Roof Maintenance Vancouver WA, we take the time to pinpoint the exact source and cause of the leak so that we can repair it quickly and make sure it doesn’t come back.

attic vent installation and repair vancouver waDid you know that proper attic ventilation can help keep your roof cool and dry? It’s true. Heat and moisture that accumulate in your attic can damage your roof and seriously shorten its life. Attic ventilation repair and replacement is one of our specialties. If you notice mold, mildew, or moisture in your attic give us a call! We can perform an inspection and let you know if there’s a problem. 

skylight repair from Northwest Roof Maintenance in Vancouver WASkylights are beautiful, but cracked or leaky skylights can let in water. If you’re having trouble with your skylight, we’d be happy to come take a look, identify the source of the problem, and restore the beautiful natural light you love. Every skylight repair or replacement we do at Northwest Roof Maintenance comes with a leak-free installation warranty.

For a free estimate or to learn more about our nearby roof cleaning and repair services we offer across Clark County WA, Multnomah County OR, and Willamette Valley OR call 360-910-8938 or contact us online today.

Messages from our Clients

Grace W.
I have nothing but praise for NW Roof Maintenance and Staff. They have kept my roof clean and trouble free for years. All the employees I have talked to or met are always friendly, knowledgeable and very skilled at what they do
Jodie S.
As a real estate broker, I often need to have roofs either evaluated or serviced. Northwest Roof Maintenance is always very responsive and helpful. I appreciate their services and attention to detail.
Steven M.
I can’t say enough about how professional NorthWest Roof was. We had a leak and needed other maintenance on our 30 year old tile roof. They advised us what we needed to do and what could be put off (they didn’t try to oversell just because we have a nice home), they showed up on time, the guys that did the work were amazing, respectful, honest and clean. We had one small issue during the work that they took ownership of immediately and had no problem making a small adjustment to the bill because of the issue. I have not had such a clean transaction with a contractor in years! If you need roof work you need to give Northwest Roof a call.
Leslie H.
We have been very happy with NW Roof Maintenance and their work on our sometimes-problematic tile roof. Communication is some of the best I’ve seen from a service company. We get prompt estimates with photos, professional and friendly crews to do the work (they follow up with photos as well!) and deal with a very friendly office staff. We feel confident in their honest recommendations for maintenance and repairs.
Bearded B.
I had Matt and Camden perform the services to my roof they did a phenomenal job they're a very communitive professional and polite. I would STRONGLY recommend both of these gentlemen to clean your roofs.
Jim T
We worked with Micah to setup a roof repair to fix an attic leak and mold issue. Alex and Drevyn did an awesome job and were very patient with us through the whole process. They left our roof and yard cleaner than when they arrived. Would highly recommend.
Patti W.
I had used NW Roof Maintenance early last year to come clean and inspect the roof of my newly purchased older home. They did a great job of taking care of it and letting me know the condition and an idea of when to expect to replace it. Recently I had a tree sized branch from a huge maple tree break off and fall on my roof. I again called on the NW Roof team. They sent Jacob and Alex to my home to make the repairs. They were right on time, took care of the damage, clearly explained the work they had done and asked to see if I had any questions. Not only were they professional, but friendly and personable. I hope I don't need them again... until it's time to replace the roof! But if I do I will gladly call on NW Roof Maintenance and their team and will recommend them to everyone!

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