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Nothing brightens up a dark room in a Portland or Vancouver home quite like a skylight. But leaks and cracks can become a problem here in the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately, Northwest Roof Maintenance can help!

We replace and repair cracked, leaky, and hazy skylights to restore beautiful natural light to your Vancouver home! We can replace or repair both curb-mounted and deck-mounted skylights. Most newer homes have deck-mounted skylights with a lower exterior profile and improved energy efficiency.

Our Skylight Inspection Process

  1. We’ll come out to your Vancouver or Portland area home and inspect your skylight. We’ll determine if it has failed and needs replacement, or if there is an issue with the surrounding roof that needs to be repaired.
  2. Once we diagnose the issue, we’ll provide you with a written estimate. We’ll only recommend the necessary repairs.
  3. We’ll quickly and efficiently install your new skylight or repair your roof, ensuring a like-new watertight seal.
  4. We’ll seal the skylight and roof to improve insulation and keep insects out of your home.

Protect your family and investment. Work with the best skylight maintenance company around! You need Northwest Roof Maintenance, your trusted Vancouver and Portland skylight maintenance specialists.

More Roof Maintenance & Cleaning Services

Roofs in the Vancouver and Portland areas can suffer from leaks or be damaged by moss, mildew, leaves, and even just dampness. Northwest Roof Maintenance has a full suite of roof cleaning and maintenance services, including:

Full Roof Inspections

We’ll never recommend a service your roof doesn’t need. We always offer a complimentary, comprehensive roof inspection. We’ll make a recommendation based on what we see, and only recommend the necessary care and maintenance your roof needs.

Moss Removal

Mossy roofs can cause rot, mildew, leaks and a host of other problems. Our preventative treatments are centered around not only killing moss but also preventing any future moss from overtaking your roof.

Other Cleaning and Repairs

Do you have damaged tiles or shingles, or visible weather damage from a long and cold Vancouver winter? We can diagnose and repair any roof problem quickly and efficiently.

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“Team arrived on time, were very friendly and performed the necessary work quickly and efficiently. They also installed a new skylight that looks great.”

-Tommy D.


The Team


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Once you’re done repairing or replacing my skylight, will you handle clean-up and disposal?

A: Yes! We at Northwest Roof Maintenance, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We won’t stop working until your roof looks great and is ready for our rainy Vancouver and Portland winters.

Q: What types of roofs do you work on?

A: We work on composition roofs and tile roofs. We only use tools, treatments, and materials specifically designed to maintain and repair the needs of your specific roof and skylight. We know every roof requires a special solution, and we won’t rest until every detail is looked after and taken care of.

Q: Do your skylight maintenance and replacement include a warranty?

A: We always stand behind our work at Northwest Roof Maintenance! You’ll never have to guess whether your skylight is under warranty. Manufacturer’s warranties on skylights will always be honored, and except for rare cases work done on skylights will always be covered.

Q: How much training do your roofing technicians receive?

A: Our roofing technicians are committed to being the best in the business! We offer our technicians training throughout their careers so they can continually improve their skills.

Everyone at Northwest Roof Maintenance is focused on making sure you understand the work being done. Our technicians aren’t satisfied until they know you are happy with their work and are always willing to answer your questions.

Even after the work is done, our technicians will be in contact to ensure you are taken care of and your skylight is operating properly. If you need anything else, just ask! That’s just the way we do things at Northwest Roof Maintenance.



“Northwest Roofing is prompt, professional and efficient. Their specialty is roof repair with integrity. They repaired my leaking flat-roof garage right before the rainy season. They are honest and direct. If you have a roof that needs an immediate solution, this is the company to call.

-Kris Q.



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