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Have a Tile Roof?

Tile roofs and their material are much different from other roofs. Tile can be heavy, brittle, difficult to install, let alone expensive. That’s where Northwest Roof Maintenance comes in. We understand the importance of a tile roof that is properly cared for.

Tile Roof Inspections

Tile lifted up to view decking

We don’t believe in doing work you don’t need. That’s why we always start with a full inspection of your tile roof. Your tile roof inspection is free and we’ll answer any questions you have about what we find.

Roof repair specialists find, diagnose, and fix leaks at the source. That means faster and more effective shingle repairs for your tile roof.

Our Expert TIle Roof Leak Repair Team

We’re proud of all of our trained roofers and their commitment to incredible customer service and providing outstanding roof repair in Vancouver, WA and nearby. All of our roof repair experts are trained in:

  1. OSHA standard safety procedures for roofers.
  2. Methods of accessing and walking on tile roofs without causing damage.
  3. Roof safe moss removal procedures.
  4. Efficient and effective roof leak repair procedures.

3 Easy Steps to Having a Clean, Leak Free Roof.


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How often you should get your tile roof clean depends on where exactly you live and your surrounding property. We suggest keeping an eye out for moss growth, loose or missing tiles, leaks, or pest infestations. If you see these warning signs, call us immediately

This is very dangerous and we do NOT recommend it. Every year, thousands of homeowners hurt themselves while trying to work on their roof. Additionally, if you’re not experienced working on roofs, you can cause a lot of damage.

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