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How to Repair Hole in Roof

A gaping hole in your roof can be a homeowner’s nightmare. It’s a breach in your home’s defenses, exposing it to the elements and potential water damage. But fear not! With this blog, you’ll get the know-how to patch up a small hole yourself, or figure out when it’s time

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Roof Leaking but Shingles Look Good

Even the sturdiest house can be brought low by a sneaky roof leak. The worst part? They often hide in plain sight, under seemingly perfect shingles. In this article, I will give you the lowdown on how to confront these silent saboteurs and keep your home safe and dry. Why

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Leaking Metal Roof Repair: Step-by-Step Instructions

Metal roofs are durable and long-lasting, but they can still leak over time. This is because metal has a high coefficient of expansion, so it moves more extensively with temperature swings. To complicate matters further, metal roofs feature flashings and other details that also move along different directions. How to

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How to Repair Blown Off Roof Shingles

Roof shingles play a vital role in safeguarding your home from the harsh elements of nature. However, they can occasionally succumb to the forces of strong winds, storms, hail, or heavy snow, resulting in shingles getting blown off. In such situations, it becomes imperative to address this issue promptly to

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New Year – New Roof

  We’ve all heard the mantra “new year, new you!” It’s a good thought, while different people would argue how to achieve that or what exactly it means, not many people would disagree with the idea. Now, what if you changed it to “new year, new roof!” I’m not talking

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8 Questions to Ask a Roof Cleaner

  Homeowners know it’s important to clean and maintain their roof; they just don’t know what they should be doing or who to hire. Picking the wrong roof cleaner can lead to leaky, damaged roofs. You could also end up on the hook for injured employees, or even a voided

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