The Low Down on Roof Pressure Washing

Roof Pressure Washing: Is It a Good Idea?

You might be searching for roof pressure washing companies in Vancouver, WA or roof power washing companies in Portland, OR. Everyone wants to live somewhere that looks nice. Of course, some aspects of maintaining a home aren’t just about keeping up appearances, but extending the life of your home. Enter roof cleanings, one of the most important maintenance items on any homeowners checklist.

Before you find a roof power washing company near you, pay attention to these tips.

Leaving moss and other debris on your roof will eventually cause a leaky roof, rotting, and deterioration. Homeowners often try to prevent these problems by pressure washing their roof. But did you know this isn’t always the best option and can actually damage your roof if not done correctly?

Here at Northwest Roof Maintenance, we want to help you prevent that from happening. Read on to learn 8 things you need to know before pressure washing your roof.

In this article

  1.  Should you pressure wash composition shingle roofs?
  2.  Should you pressure tile roofs?
  3. Can you pressure wash in the rain?
  4. Should I hire a professional pressure washer, or can you do it yourself?
  5.  Is pressure washing messy?
  6. Pressure washing tips to know before you get started
  7. Will your skylight leak if you pressure wash near it?
  8. Questions to ask prior to hiring a pressure washing professional

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1. Don’t pressure wash composition shingle roofs

If you have a composition shingle roof, don’t ever pressure wash it. The high pressure on the shingles can loosen the granules and cause unnecessary wear and tear. Instead, opt for a brush-off solution, a gentler option for removing the moss build-up.

2. Tile roofs are generally okay to pressure wash

In general, pressure washing won’t hurt your tile roof. In fact, pressure washing may be your only option to get it looking clean again. The one exception is if your tile is old and brittle, as it could damage the roof. You can always ask an experienced tile roof cleaning service in Vancouver, WA or a tile roof repair company in Portland, OR to look at your roof and determine if pressure washing is recommended, and if not, what your options are.

3. You can pressure wash in the rain

It’s completely fine to pressure wash in the rain. While rain can affect some repairs and roof maintenance projects, it won’t affect a pressure washing project. You are already putting large amounts of pressurized water on your roof, just view the rain as a little extra rinse.

4. Leave pressure washing to a professional

Pressure washing isn’t as simple as it seems. For best results, you should always have a professional pressure wash your roof. Not contracting an experienced professional can leave uneven strokes causing highlights on your roof or zebra stripes on your home. Your best bet is to always go with a professional to get an even, clean look.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal in Vancouver, WA

5. Pressure washing can get messy

Pressure washing is messy. While the end result may be a beautifully clean roof, the process is not so beautiful. All of the moss and dirt that’s on your roof has to go somewhere when it’s mixed with water and coming off your roof.

Our crews will put tarps down below the roof line to catch as much of the dirty water as we can, but it will never catch it all. Some mud and water will still get on anything below the roof line, such as plants, furniture, or walkways.

6. Pressure washing prep tips

Just because it’s messy doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. There are things you can do to help minimize the mess made.

  • Move vehicles out of the driveway and out of the way of the mess
  • Make sure all windows are closed so the mess stays outside
  • Move any potted plants or patio furniture away from the roof line

7. Skylights need extra prep

If you have a skylight and are pressure washing your home, there’s a chance water will leak if you don’t prepare your skylight window properly.

Due to the high pressure and direction of the water flow, sometimes water will leak in through the seams of a skylight during a pressure washing. This does not necessarily mean that there’s a problem with your skylight or that your skylight will leak when it rains. However, since there’s a possibility of water leaking through during the pressure wash, we recommend laying plastic over the area beneath any skylights.

8. Ask questions prior to pressure washing

Communicate any concerns prior to pressure washing your roof. If you have fears or concerns, get answers before any problems become reality. Most companies, including Northwest Roof Maintenance, would rather alleviate fears and set expectations before completing a job than have an upset customer afterwards.

Questions about pressure washing roofs or interested in a professional opinion of what would be best for your roof (along with a free estimate)? Give Northwest Roof Maintenance a call today at 360-910-8938 (for Vancouver residents) or 503-740-4808 (for Portland residents). You can also always contact us online.

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